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The First Brocket Baby Days

Clarification of the photographs of the first two Brocket Baby Days in 1997.  Provided by Linda Pankhurst (Isle of Wight) - received 22nd August 2018

Thanks for today!  My sister and I loved visiting the house where I was born.....!

Since getting home Iíve looked at the website again and at the photos of the first reunion.  I think there are two different reunions pictured in the photos.  I was at the one where there is scaffolding all over the roof.  I have a copy of that photo sent to me by Brocket Hall with a letter dated 28 May 1997.  The other photo was obviously later in the year.....they are in summer clothes and the scaffolding is gone.

Ed.  As a result of this I have rebuilt the 1997 Photos page to point out there were two Brocket Baby Days in 1997, reorganised the photos, and included a couple of letters which give the dates.  The very first Brocket Baby Day was held in April 1997.