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May 2016

This is the website of the world famous Brocket Babies.

8,338 Brocket Babies were born within the safety of the walls of Brocket Hall, and in the peace of the countryside.

Brocket Hall was used by the City of London Maternity Hospital before and after the destruction by enemy action of the in patient section of that hospital in London EC1.

This website was created to allow those who were born, gave birth, or who worked at Brocket Hall to share the events of those times and to make contact with each other.  Whilst many babies have always known they were born at Brocket Hall there is a small but increasing number of those who were born in Hatfield and subsequently adopted and only found they are one of the World Famous Brocket Babies when they obtained their original birth certificates.

If you are a Brocket Baby, a mother of a Brocket Baby, or worked at Brocket Hall at that time we would love to hear from you.  If you send us your name and date of birth at Brocket Hall we can send you the access passwords for the protected pages.  If you would prefer to just send us any stories or answer any of the questions on the website then please feel free to contact us.

There are no fees involved and the site is free of advertisements.

Please email us at with any information you have, and let us know if you are content for us to add you to the list of Babies, Mothers, or Staff.



  1. Brocket Baby Day 2016 - we are pleased to announce that the next Brocket Baby Day will be held on Tuesday 9th August.  Details are now on the Brocket Baby Day page with both the Invitation Letter and the Booking Form, to access the page please click here.  With well over 800 Brocket Babies along with families and friends, but room for only 120 in the Ballroom, tickets for this popular event sell really quickly as many will know.  So if you wish to come please don't wait to book places.

  2. Welcome - Welcome to another 4 Brocket Baby arrivals last month, as far as we can tell they are all from the UK this month.  This brings the total across the world to 880.

  3. Memorial Dedication - The memorial dedication service for those Brocket Babies who were sadly stillborn or were taken from us when only a few days old took place in April at St. John the Evangelist Church, Lemsford.  For further details please follow the Stillbirths link on the Information page or click here

  4. Stories - More short stories this month on the Stories page - select Stories at the top of this page and then select the link to Latest Stories on the stories page, thanks to all the contributors.  If anyone else has any information about life at Brocket Hall when it was a maternity hospital then please feel free to pass it on.  One question we are often asked is "How did the mums get to Brocket Hall from London", we believe the usual way was to catch a train and then a taxi from the station, but if you have any other ways we can share them as well.

  5. Midwife Mrs Norah Pardy - Mrs Pardey thanks all Brocket Babies for their best wishes and enjoys recollecting thoughts of her time at Brocket Hall, so please feel free to ask any questions relating to that period and we will pass them on, just email to us at

  6. Travel - Last month we asked "How did the mums get to Brocket Hall from London".  We had quite a few responses including a reply from Mrs Pardey so please go to the Information page and select Travel to see the answers.  We are happy to add more if you have any more information.

Note 1: If you have contacted us but do not receive our monthly emails would you please send in your current email address so we can update the records.

Note 2: Brocket Babies also has a Facebook page at

Note 3: If you are planning a trip overseas near one of the Brocket Babies you might like to drop in.  Quite a few have said they would like to meet up with other Brocket Babies.

Note 4: Please note that the new Brocket Babies and Mothers are highlighted in red on the Baby and Mother Lists each month.